À trois...

Dinner & travel companions

Florence Champagne and Hanna
Montreal based, travelling within Canada


Not only we work well together, but a true friendship was born a year ago, and has strengthened month after month, one invitation after the other... We grew together among the pleasure, laughs, excitation, and the smiles of satisfaction we've sparked... in an unmistakable way! Our friendship is palpable, without a doubt our chemistry is unique, the perfect ingredients for a terrific hour, to a whole night.

We're even ready to seek for more...


12 hours, 3500$

24 hours, upon request
day and night

weekend, upon request
two days, two nights

3 hours, 1500$
cocktail at the bar
1h out + 2h in

5 hours, 1800$
dinner date
2h in + 3h out

1 hour, 700$

1½ hour, 950$

2 hours, 1200$

3 hours, 1800$
in-room cocktail date

4 hours, 2400$
in-room dinner date

| outcalls, +50$ 
| outcall dix30/airports areas +80$ 

« Without question the best duo I have ever had. You are a special team. » - D.

« I have already repeated this indulgence once, and will do so again in the future, it is such a wonderful experience! » - S.

« It truly is more like multiplication than addition when you see these two at the same time. » - P.

« Besides being beautiful and sexy, they are close friends outside of the lifestyle, and share a chemistry when together that is simply unmatched. » - P.
TER review, MERB review